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Whether you’re a Coach, an Athlete or a Sport Scientist, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive package of Sport Science & Coaching tools to drive Performance with your team. Membership of DSS Elite Coaching gives you access to our exclusive content that is updated every week.

Sport Science

Editable plans & programmes; Fitness sessions; Aerobic Development plan; S&C programmes; Fitness Testing protocols;  Rehab continuum


Session plans; Coaching videos; Periodisation plans; Explanations of Coaching drills/games/practices; Coaching blog; Discussion forum


Excel sheets & graphs for GPS Analysis, Fitness Testing insights and RPE/Wellness Questionnaire monitoring; Periodised training plans

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Dss Sports

DeelySport - July 21, 2021, 9:42 am
RT @DeelySport: Deely Sport Science Newsletter - July 2021 - Coaching Edition - https://t.co/yKnbRM88k4 https://t.co/yqv3B0MCSL
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Dss Sports

CiDeely - July 26, 2021, 6:05 pm
RT @lorcanmason: 💥Interested in Sports Science👨‍🔬in GAA 🏐? 📚Check out some resources on Gaelic Games with support from @CiDeely & @DeelyS…
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